Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Litter Boxes

Yep, it's funny. So when we first brought Jack home to live with us, Will and I both agreed that neither one of us wanted the responsibility of cleaning out the litter box. Unfortunately, Scarlett has yet to master the proper poopy pick up. We ordered the "City Kitty" with high hopes that Jack would master the toilet before Scarlett. While he's a master of #1, the #2 on the tiolet eludes it does Scarlett.

If you want to toilet train your kitty (our lovely neighbors have done can happen) check out

Now, as it turns out, Jack wants a fresh box after every use...which brings me to this funny item I found while searching for an automatic litter box. Enjoy!

Pictures from Spring Break 2007

Follow the link to our fun pictures of family and friends in Florida.

Spring Break 2007

Today is Scarlett's Birthday!!

Miss Scarlett is officially 2 years old. She was born March 28, 2005, at 9:40 AM.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How about some real personality tests?

This link has a wealth of tests from the Kinsey sexual orientation scale to the morning/night personality test. If you got some's interesting.

Personality Pedagogy

Pow Wow, wow!

On Saturday the family went to a pow wow with my friend Karla. Karla is Creek. It was very cool. If your not familiar, a Pow Wow includes a music and dance competition. The costumes were beautiful and the dancing looked difficult. Scarlett was a little overwhelmed until she meet a girl her size. The little girl was dressed in some of her dance costume and she came over and gave Scarlett a hug. Scarlett said the music was too loud.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures. I was too busy interrogating Karla. She probably felt like a tour guide. Thanks Karla!

If you get a chance...visit a pow wow!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Yes, those hairy dudes

So here's a confession. I love geico ads. It began with the Little House ad..."there love was made to last, but the house was made too small." Then, one day I saw the cavemen ad. Love it! All of it! So here's a fun site for those of you that love cavemen too.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Need to find jeans that fit

Check out a cool site that finds jeans for you based on your body style and fit preference. I must say...I'm a little disappointed at all of the BabyPhat jeans that work for me, but (no pun intended) I suppose that's what I get for carrying all this around.