Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday & Congratulations

Mason is 3 months old today! He slept from 9pm to 6am last night, yippee!

Scarlett got up at 3am and went potty then went back to bed...all on her own. Fantastic! I heard her in the bathroom and went to check on her. She said, "I'm just going potty." I left and she did her thing then went back to bed. She's the coolest...Oh, especially now that Mr. Walter showed her the cool kid fist bump and Mr. Ryan showed her to "slip me some skin."

In other news, congratulations John and Esther. We can't wait to see the new cousin.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I don't blog much because I don't have time. Really I don't have anything to talk about. I don't take enough pictures to appease the family and in my work time, I'm always reading things you probably don't care about. Then I have my little celebrity fetish. I had to quit reading actual news because I kept reading stories that made me cry. So now I wonder...

-How did Jessica Simpson ever get a recording contract? Did they think she would get better? Her country album is terrible. Have you seen the footage of her singing live. YIKES! I think someone told her to sing with a southern drawl and it would all be ok. They lied.

-Along the same lines...is Tony Romo tone deaf?

-Do Ellen and Portia share clothes? I saw video clips from their wedding. It really was beautiful. I wonder if they will have babies.

-Can Sarah Palin work on her accent? I really hate it. Makes me feel like I'm back in Omaha. If they win the election, argh, please let her adopt a more appealing tone.

-Why does Mason have less hair than Scarlett? I really thought he would be the ultimate ape child. We know he has my skin tone, as opposed to Will's tan, perhaps he also has my hair...or my Dad's. I guess we know what he will look like when he's 40.

-Why does the university make students cry? A student arrived late to class last night and she was so stressed out she was crying. I told her to relax and we could work out whatever is going on. She either pulled a fast one or colleges need to dispense anti-anxiety drugs with textbooks. Either way, I don't want to be the cause of a nervous breakdown...especially in elementary education.

-When can we talk to Hope? The idea of taking medication to level out mood is depressing, I know, but sometimes it's necessary. OR Tom Cruise needs to pay a visit.

-Why isn't there a place to change a diaper in Peabody? I have no place to pump (because I share an office and I don't think my mates would appreciate it) and no place to change a poop.

-What the hell is Hole in the Wall? Really? Someone watches this? Oh wait, maybe I should call my Mom before I write more...

eh, time to read