Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dalton for Mother's Day

This past weekend we drove over the mountains to visit my family in Dalton, GA. There were kittens, a Cindy, food, Elizabeth Hashimoto, and the Jan. Perhaps the most lasting memory will come from Scarlett's first experience with being car sick. Lemme explain...

We drove over to Asheville and from there, took a scenic drive down to Dalton. Scarlett was a little fussy, but never said anything about feeling sick. We made it to Dalton and Will made one sharp turn and suddenly...gurgle, Gurgle, KABOOM. Vomit. Nonstop vomit. Nonstop projectile vomit. SO NASTY! I jumped into the backseat and pulled the spewing munchkin from her car seat. We stripped her down in between hurls and tried to calm her down. Scarlett had never vomitted before...what a first experience. We had pulled over into the Pizza Hut parking lot and attempting to calm this naked vomit soaked child. A police cruiser pulls in...I'm thinking this is definitely going to be an episode of cops...we we're in North Georgia. He asked if we needed help, but after seeing the vomit rocket in action opted to keep driving.

I'm traumatized, covered in vomit, and carrying a naked child. She calms down and asks for something to eat. Oh the resiliency of childhood.

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Anonymous said...

Vomit Rocket. I love it. Maybe the ass-plosion portended what was yet-to-come.

ps. "'there was kittens'????

...yes, North Georgia, there was kittens.