Sunday, August 19, 2007

So nevermind the witches, vampires, and whips

Anne Rice, the prolific occult writing, is a born again Christian. She explains why she won't denounce her previous novels on her website, but she fails to address the naughtiest of them all, the Sleeping Beauty series...interesting. I suppose it's difficult to put a Christian spin on S&M.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


1) wow.
2) Interview with a Vampire was good, but seriously, don't compare it to Paradise Lost or Frankenstein. I mean, really.
3) Do you think she's an American Christian? I couldn't tell.
4) Who do you think she's gonna vote for?
5) I didn't know Christians got down with the cunnilingus. I bet church dinners are a riot with Anne Rocquelaire there telling stories.
6) I still have your dirty, dirty book, btw.
7) and I really enjoyed it.
8) Kind of like literary porn.
9) Her next book could be 'Jesus: King of Bondage.'
10) I'd buy it.