Sunday, April 13, 2008

NYC, scientology and a mammoth

I spend a few days in the city and come home with two pictures...of course, one a picture of my favorite pseudo religion. The trip was interesting. My little cough developed into a cold and I sat in the hotel room a couple of nights drinking robitussin and watching bad tv. During the day I ventured out, but soon found that pregnant legs and heat don't mix.

I visited the Museum of Natural History and that was a first. The Met is my favorite, but I thought I would give history a shot. The school buses wrapped around the building should have been a hint. I did see one twelve year old boy sporting a t-shirt that read "I am McLovin."

Stopping by FAO Schwartz, I picked up some birthday presents for Scarlett. That was fun. Oh, and K and I went to see Cry Baby. It was great fun. Some songs include Can I Kiss You with Tongue and, my favorite, Screw Loose. If you're in town, check out the show while it's in preview...the tickets are half price.

Sen Diego will host the conference next year...and I'll be back to my non-preggers self.

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