Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big ass spider

I love lawn work. In the race to the lawnmower, I always win...or at least Will lets me think I've won. Sunday I went to the cavernous bomb shelter to get the lawnmower and was confronted by a BIG ASS SPIDER! Now you are thinking that I'm exaggerating and just thought it was large...being that I'm terrified of the little freaks, but NO, it really was a BIG ASS SPIDER. I woke Will from a snooze on the sofa because I had to show him this mutant living under the house. My brave fella got the flashlight and went into the den of freakish insects and arachnids to search out the critter. He looked around and saw nothing then, crunch, or more like, mush. I think he broke one of it's legs. We put the specimen in a glass jar so we could both be disgusted by the furry brown gag inspiring creature. That's all, nothing else, it was gross, Will caught it, I think there may be more, it's in a jar, and it was a BIG ASS SPIDER.

In other news, classes started and this will be my last year of coursework. I've got the year worked out so that I will no longer have to sit through three hours of mind and ass numbing lectures. I can't tell you how relieved I feel. Now it just comes down to keeping up and learning something for comps and dissertation. Understand, however, that I might not have a job lined up to pay for this lifetime of debt, as I am too old and weathered to strip and my people skills (or lack there of) stop me from working reception. We'll see.

Mason has become Scarlett's shadow. It is so heartwarming to see the two of them running around and playing. He wants to do whatever she is doing. If she sits in the floor working on a puzzle, he is right there messing with the pieces. Scarlett loves her brother or her baby. She races to see him first thing in the morning and gets upset if anyone else opens his door. They are the coolest kids...no goobers here. Mason has started saying many new words: Mabel, Jack, kitty, dog, Moo, Baa, Momma, Dada, this or that, all done, more more, bye and hi. There are more, but I can't think of them at the moment. Scarlett can read some words and can write almost anything. She carries around a little notebook taking notes. She looks like a miniature Nancy Drew, so cute.


J said...

It's never too old fo' the po! :)

Anna said...

Thanks Jen, I'm glad to know I do have professional options :)