Friday, June 22, 2007

Need help with airline tickets?

Farecast is the coolest site to check on tickets for now or in the future. They look at past history and some other mumbo jumbo and predict if you should buy now or wait until prices fall. According to the site

We predict where fares are going and show where they've been—now for more than 75 home airports (indicated in green within the search form). Our free airfare predictions are 74.5% accurate. Read more about the third party audit of our accuracy in our recent press release.

Fare Prediction

A Fare Prediction shows if the lowest fare is rising or dropping over the next seven days for the specific dates and cities searched. Each prediction includes the following elements:
  1. Arrow: An indication of whether the lowest fare is rising, dropping, or staying the same.
  2. Confidence: A percentage based on our track record for similar predictions for the market searched.
  3. Average Fare Change: An amount reflecting the average fare change recorded when similar predictions were correct for the market.
  4. Buying Tip: Our recommendation based on the prediction information.

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