Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movies for a laugh and a cry

I'm catching up on some movies and here are two I recently watched...Pan's Labyrinth and Knocked Up. Two very different different films, but I loved both of them.

Pan's Labyrinth unfolds in Franco's Spain and depicts the life of a dreamy little girl, Ofelia. Her mother has recently remarried a captain in the army and relocated them to an isolated mountain fort. Ofelia encounters a wealth of frightening characters in her gothic fairy tale world and her unfortunate reality. Like previous fantasy political stories, i.e. Alice in Wonderland, Pan's Labyrinth offers a critique of humanity through a child's eye. Ofelia retreats to her fantasy world to cope with the horror of her reality. I love this movie. Caution: the film is grotesque and cruel at times

On the lighter side

I think I wrote some of the scenes in Knocked Up. Tina, Will, and Scarlett were all in this film. One scene has the two female leads, Allison (preggers) and her sister going out to a club.

Tina...this ones for you.... As the ladies strike up a conversation with some fellas, Allison quickly points out that her sister is married and has two kids. It's funny if you cruised on the fun ship., well. Excuse me if I want to protect our child from pedophiles and ... mercury. Does that make me a bitch?

Will... I know it's not you saying all this crazy shit, I know it's your hormones. So I just want to say, "fuck you hormones, fuck you".

The movie is so're not god, you're just a doorman, doorman. With the follow up of "Don't get me wrong, I would tap that fine ass. I would bust it up, but you're old as shit and she's pregnant. I can't go around letting old bitches and pregnant women into the club."

I love this movie. I laughed through the beginning and cried at the end. Funny.

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The Landowski's said...

This movie has to be the worst portrayal of birth.... I was speechless.