Monday, October 29, 2007

So hey now

Warning Statistics rant:

If you're in my statistics class and you talk through the majority of the class, do me a favor and zip it. I don't really care about your favorite cartoon as a child or what you did over the weekend. Couldn't you just text message each other? We already know you're not paying attention, you could do it silently. It's not just me. Don't you notice the ladies in the front that turn around and beam you with their cold eyes? Someone three rows over was ready to throw a shoe at you today.

You better wake up...I'd hate to have to pull off my size nine.


DR.P said...

Hello Carmen, just wanted to drop you a short note to whis you a wonderful birthday. Love Always

Tina said...

I'd like to know more- but I was told I had to buy the book. What book, you ask? Exactly!