Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have just risen from a 24 hour sleep. The last thing I remember was around 2pm on's now Sunday. An entire weekend went by and I have nothing to show for it, other than a very distinct smell. I stink, but it kind of reminds me of the funk of a really good workout or a day of working in the yard. The kind of smell that makes you wrinkle your nose, while at the same time, make you feel a sense of accomplishment. The smell of accomplishment. I've probably crossed the tmi line, but I'm alive and sitting upright...that's quite and accomplishment.

Mason has mastered the stairs.

Scarlett had her 4 year well check this week. She was bouncing off the walls, recovering from the flu. I can only hope that I'll be bouncing off the walls in a couple of hours. I've got so much writing to do! So we went through the check up with her climbing on the table, off the table, running to one wall, then the other...mass consultation room chaos. She's super tall for her age and Dr. Susan made the comment that she looks older than 4. This doesn't help the crazy bouncing of the walls image. The session ended with Scarlett being upset because she wasn't brave during her shots.

"They hurt," she said. I think she was surprised.

"It's ok to cry, I know they hurt," I tried to comfort her.

"I'm sad because I wasn't brave," says the 4 yr old. I don't know why she thought she had to be brave.

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