Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fuck You Cancer (Will, stop reading)

I had a dream about Hope. It was kind of nice, then it turned on its nasty little head.

Jennifer, Hope and I were all on vacation (random). We were in some remote Fiji-esque place lounging in one of those huts with mosquito nets and billowy white sheers all around. I turned to talk to Hope and looked at the small of her back. She had the most beautiful glowing skin. I couldn't believe it. We were all talking about how beautiful and glowing we were when I realized that something wasn't right. Hope was dead...I knew it, but here she was...lounging and laughing.

This is where it gets kind of Total Recall. Will's mom shows up to tell me that the person lounging next to me isn't the original Hope.

"We've had her cloned," she said.

And at first I'm ok with it all, then I start thinking Jurassic Park and Lost and freak out because I think she's just going to get cancer again. "Is she going to get sick again?" I ask.

"Yes, she probably will," answers T, "but at least we get to spend time with her for a few years."

At this point, I'm livid, "You can't do that! She can't go through that again!" Then I add, "I can't go through that again!"

Sobs...lots of crying and yelling. "Have you told her? Does she know she's a clone?" I ask.

"No," says T. "We didn't think it was a good idea," she adds.

Now I get even angrier. I haven't felt that kind of conviction for months, hell, maybe a year. I was just so upset that she was going to suffer, even though I got to lounge on a beach with her and her beautiful glowing skin.

Funny, I don't think she would have been lounging on the beach in the first place.


J said...

Oh gosh, what a dream. Scary.

AnnMarie said...

scary dream is right. glad to read about your uncle though! i think of you guys often...i miss her alot too. no dreams yet but i'll let you know.