Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tupelo in The Cave

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to enjoy the melodies of an old friend, Ashley Chambliss. At 14, I can remember sitting by her piano and listen to her create a storm of sound. She turned the keyboard into an entire orchestra...she was 16. We laughed, sang, played, and drank (yes mom and dad). We used cans of hair spray to get awesome beehives and drove our chorus teacher nuts with laughter. Sharing clothes, make up, and secrets, we had fun. I probably had a crush on her. I remember a falling out...I think over a peach prom dress (can you believe it?). So many years ago, but still, I find her amazing. She feels and puts it out there with her songs.

A few years ago we started chatting and emailing, yay technology. We shared stories about our life paths with brutal honesty. It seemed easy to be honest about the suburbs with someone I felt connected to in an oppositional way.

She is so talented. Her skill at the keyboard and her heartfelt songs mean something to me. Even Hope, once commented on how much she loved Ashley's music. You can look in the archive for her reference. Ashley inspires me. I watch her play in a dingy dark "cave" with low hanging ceilings and a shop vac duct taped to the toilet. Red wine courage brought me into the bar and the minute I heard her say my name, I felt like one of those screeching "Oh My God" girls.

Her performance was great and I can't wait to see her play again. She seems like she is in such a good place in her life. So talented, thoughtful, beautiful, and peaceful...I hope I can make a positive impact in her life, too.

Much love to you Ashley


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