Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I do know

is that you are there for me....our roaming bubble of health, happiness, and kindness.

you can talk for 12 hours about college football, players turned pro, and college conspiracy theories.

you let me sleep in on Saturday morning...knowing that Sunday you may not get to sleep in for as long.

the happiest moments in my life were because of you.

you took the baggage, the jealousy, the skinny broken teenager...the whole package, bumps, bruises, family and all.

you are there, always.

in the middle of the night when that terror strikes, so rare now, you will get out of bed and turn the lights on in the house and walk me to the kitchen. You're awake, you say. and it's ok.

you are a better judge of people's intentions, sometimes.

you sure can run.

everyday, I remember fewer days of me and more days of us, and I like it.

you crack a mean of my favorite days...ever.

the card reader in Jackson Square in New Orleans told us that I was going to have a couple of amazing things happen in my life and that you better hope to be there...they did and you were there...

you let me throw a broom at you.

against unappreciative eyes, you carried my laundry.

Zook didn't scare you away.

get your geek on Friday is fun because of you.

you fold laundry and remove spiders, my superhero.

I linger in stores, "just one more thing," you let me be that bag lady scavenger.

you want a crazy RV too.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful- when will you write one for me?